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INTERVIEW: Eldiarn (Rússia)


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The interview this week is with the Russian band Eldiarn. Formed by Uvar (Guitar, vocals), Vasiliy (Drums), Sashik (Violin), Captain Blood (Bass), Lyonya (Guitar). Uvar tells us a bit of the history of the band, launch of the new single 

EC: First of all, I would like to thank you for the interview. How did you come up with the idea of forming Eldiarn?
UVAR: That’s Uvar, the band-leader 
Well, just like many others, in our childhood we listened to different music, later started to play in some other bands, and then decided to create something that would be our own.

EC: What influences you in the band’s compositions?
UVAR: It is worth saying that our band works has changed dramatically over the past 3 years. First we were inspired by the music of such Folk Metal Monsters as Skyclad, Finntroll, Ensiferum and others. And now the whole world influences our songs: politics, movies, nature, alcohol, friends, enemies, etc.

EC: The band was formed in 2011. In these years what were the changes that you’ve realized not only in the sonority of the band but also in your evolution as musicians?
UVAR: At the beginning everything was simple. We composed songs and played it. That’s all. We did not think about the tunes and line-ups, we did not care about speed or how heavy or not our music was. But after the release of DEMO "Кабаньей тропой" we decided to change everything starting from the guitar tunes and ending with the theme of the songs. As for our evolution as musicians, it's hard to say for everyone personally, because from the very beginning of our band there stays only me and our drummer. But of course now we play and feel the music better)) I hope so.

EC: The band released its debut album, “Кабаньей тропой”, in 2013. Could you tell us a bit about 
  how was the process of composition of the album? Was it able to match the expectations regarding audience’s receptivity?
UVAR: Composition wasn’t complicated at all, in most cases we simply twisted the rhymes about the trolls or the Vikings, took something from Edda and put them on the banal scandinavian and not very scandinavian melodies. The audience was expecting this. Now the music and lyrics have changed, so our audience also has changed and is mostly different now))

EC: You’ve been performing only in Russia. Are there any international shows in your plans?
UVAR: We did not leave Russia for international shows yet, but we really want to. If we are offered to play in another country and someone will be ready to pay at least travel expenses and some minimal fee, we will not hesitate to say yes! However, we are not yet ready to arrange a tour at our own expense))

EC: Eldiarn mixes guitars with heavy bass and the symphonic sound of the violin.How do you describe the band’s sound?
UVAR: Groove and melodism)))

EC: Russia has great metal bands, some of which have been performing in Brazil, such as Arkona, that played here for a few times, and Kalevala, that will play here this year. What is it like to have a folk metal band in a country where the culture is so remarkable? How is the Russian underground scene?
UVAR: There is no underground scene in Russia. There are only good musicians who are ready to play almost everywhere and almost for free. And, well, our culture is certainly rich with all that.

EC: You’ve just released a new single by CDM Records, “Ivan Durak / Иван-Дурак”, that will join
the next album. What are the differences between this new workand the band’s latest works? Could you tell us something about this new work?
UVAR: Ivan-Durak (Ivan-the-Fool) - originally a character from Russian (Slavonic) folklore – is a stupid motherfucker, who takes all profits at the end of any fairy tale. In our song this is a collective image of most of the Russian people, although this song has no happy end, and in general has no end at all. Ivan-Durak just got lost and slowly goes to his grave. This song, like the whole next album, is a logical continuation of the previous full-length album "Uncontrollable Blessedness".

EC: We know that the great dream of any band is to reach international markets. What are your expectations about it?
UVAR: To be honest, it is extremely important for us that people could understand what we are singing about. Unfortunately only Russian-speaking people can fully understand us. Therefore, we will not be very upset if we do not reach international markets. But, of course, we will be terribly delighted if someday it happens)))

EC: I would like to thank you for the interview for Elegia e Canto. Could you leave a message for our readers and Eldiarn’s fans?
UVAR: Take care of your family and friends, listen to different music, go to concerts/shows and stay wild, while you’re still young =)

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