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INTERVIEW: Eden (Russia)

This week's interview is with the Russian band Eden. In this interview they talk a little about the history of the band, the compositions and more, check it.

Inna Odnokolkina (Violin), Maxim Vlaskin (Solo guitar), Ilona Bukharova (Vocal), Ivan Sorokin (Drums), Anna Arkhipova (Bass guitar)


Tradução Português-Inglês
Natália Superbi

EC - The band Eden was formed in 2003 and released the first EP, “Eyes Full of Sorrow”, in 2009. During this time, from the band’s formation until the recording of the EP, were you already performing to the public?
Yes, during this 6 years we had a lot of live shows in Moscow and different other cities. 2 of them were together with Xandria and Draconian.

EC - When you started the band, were you already singing songs of your own?
No we don’t. We started only with idea of creating a band. And only after we finalized all members of the band, we started to create our own songs from scratch.

EC - Some members of the band left, including one of the founders. Was it a difficult time for the band? How was the choice of the new members?
Absolutely! It is always tough times for every member of the band. We become close friends during our teamwork and when it comes to organizational changes it is always negative emotions. Regarding new members it’s a straight forward. Adequacy is the main criteria.

EC- Your song’s lyrics bring stories of life, present and past, both in the real world and literature. How is the process of composing your songs?
The process remains unchanged from song to song… It starts from the music and then we fill the lyrics. We never tried an opposite way actually, when it all starts from lyrics.

EC - You have already performed alongside internationally known bands such as Xandria, Draconian and L'amme Immortelle. How was it for you to play alongside bands like these?
It’s  always very exciting :).Mostly because you have a chance to know band members from a complitly different angel, you receave a lot of expirience. All members of this bands were great positive and intresting persons. I we would love to play with them in future

EC - Have you ever performed outside Russia? Are there any international shows in your plans?
Frankly speeking we never did.... We would love to, but every international show requires detailed planing. We just dont have enough resources to do this at the moment. But we hope it will change in future.

EC- Since the first demo, the band's songs were sung in English. What is it like to sing and compose in a language so different from your mother tongue?
It is absolutly comfortable. I personally don’t see any problems with that... If we will take a look at other bands playing in similiar styles in Europe will find that 90% of them use English for their lyrics. It’s compleetly normal. English is an international language, i think this is the key reason of using English for writing lyrics.

EC- You released the album “Under Wide Wings” in 2016, in which, besides songs of your own, there are two covers. How was the audience’s reception for these songs?
I cannot say, that “Under Wide Wings” is a complete album. This is single :) .And talking about audience reception, we did not find any negative comments, so I guess they were happy to find cover versions of 2 songs.

EC- We know that the great dream of any band is to reach international markets. What is your expectations about it?
It’s our dream as well :) Speaking of expectations, I would say that a lot of tough work behind this success, and we are working on it as well. We’ll what whould happen.

EC - I would like to thank you for the interview for Elegia e Canto. Could you leave a message for our readers and Eden’s fans?
It was pleasure to talk to you! I wish all of youre readres and our fans to achieve their goals and dreams come try.Thanks a lot! See you!

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