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Interview: Satarial (Russia)

Guys, 2016 was an incredible year, great interviews and great stories here in Elegia e Canto, and I have to thank you all for every message, every thumb up and every sharing. It is through the manifestation of you all that our team gets motivated to bring more and more elaborated content to you.
And to start 2017 in style, I bring you an interview that I've been looking forward to posting in the last few days. In particular, I have this as the greatest interview I ever done so far.

SATARIAL is a Folk Black Metal band from Russia. Shrouded in a mixture of shamanism, mysticism and witchcraft, the band blends elements and beliefs to the heavy sound, filling it with information about their beliefs. Maybe the band shocks at the first moment those who are not familiar with the style, but I invite each one of you to read this interview until the end, which was granted by the amazing drummer Angelika, who kindly answered all of our questions. Angelika, thank you!

Nowthe interview!

E.C.:When I see the performance of Satarial, I have the impression that the band itself is a concept, first of all. What has changed from your point of view (ideologies, beliefs) since you created the band?
Angelika:From the outset work of the band our creation is based on mysticism, magical various directions and on anticlericalism. For almost 25 years of existence of the band in her ideology has changed little what. Naturally, in the innings of musical material were changes. We like experimenting and we are not afraid to go beyond the stylistic boundaries.

E.C.:In addiction to Folk and Black Metal, there are more elements in your style. What else can you tell us about the elements included in your music?
Angelika:Yes, our music combines a lot of stylistic directions. We use a variety of medieval European instruments such as the hurdy-gurdy, norwegian horn and so on. Also we use in our music modern electronic instruments such as analog synthesizers and samplers. In addition, we use classical instruments such as cello, flute and violin. We use a fairly low system guitars, drob G. We use many of the ancient magical spells, melodic and rhythmic. For us is difficult to determine our stylistic framework. Various critics rank our music to different styles, folk, black metal, death metal, tribal metal.

E.C.:All the concert videos I found from SATARIAL, contains a ritualistic process, Satanism from what I could understand. Does the band take the occult as a way of life?
Angelika:You're right,  I practice witchcraft and shamanism. I support balance in ourselves and in the world around me. My way is in harmony with nature. Although I studied and ceremonial magic, and Thelema, and Chaosmagie , and much more. But more the result gives me witchcraft, based on the North and Dianic pagan cults.
When a person gets in the way of learning about the world beyond the visible and familiar, something he can not with impunity be a normal person. With the first real ritual pentagram of operator begins to shine in the world of magic and sorcery. Man become to "visible" for the energies of magic. And he must to be a warrior and to fight. Since the law of nature says: " Survives the strongest.". Witching source became very muddy, and he stirred up the mind of many. A lot of energy of the rituals of revenge and of attacks have not reached the goals, which immediately attack the burning pentagram of operator. Many incur the anger of other witches and wizards. And start energy war. The world of magic is tough enough. And if you want to survive, then it's a daily practice of protection, purification and reflection.
E.C.:What led you to use performances and rituals during the shows? How are scenarios, performances and characterization elaborated?
Angelika:Music - it's already magic. This primeval language of nature and the universe. We make music, which is  a guide to the worlds beyond consciousness. And we accompany music magical visual imagery and shamanistic dancing. Almost each of our concert - a ritual, aimed at harmony with nature and the invocation of the God and Goddess. In addition to the visual and musical part we use incense and magical spells. We want to give people a sense of freedom from dogmas and principles, which hinder be in harmony with nature.
Seth creates all the scenarios for our performances, guided by his subconscious images.

E.C.:We here in Brazil live in a culture flooded by Christianity, a false moralism reigns with corrupt politicians who are priests and pastors condemning ways of thinking of other religious cultures and things of that sort that are taken as "sects" as something strange and bad . How is the reaction of the public of your country with the extreme attitude of SATARIAL?
Angelika:We, throughout history Satarial, has problems with the prohibitions of our concerts by the government authorities. The first prohibition of our concert was in 1995 by the Moscow Patriarchate. In 1999 was the court on charges of sectarianism. In 2006, I was accused of ritual murder, but well, what I had an alibi, and they had to withdraw the charges. In recent years, starting in 2013, the band Satarial in Russia fall under the prohibition is not always official. But always our concerts banned by any means.

E.C:Many years passed between the launch of "LateXXX" (2006) and "Lunar Cross" (2014). Were there any standstills in this period, or is there another reason for this long interval between albums?
Angelika:Since 2006 Satarial did not have full line-up from  of the problems, related to the prohibitions and persecutions by the Church. Full activity of the band, we have resumed since 2011, when I started playing the drums. During this break, we toured Turkey with electronic project of Seth. And more I have acted  as a DJ.
 In 2014 we recorded the album "Lunar Cross". And in september 2016 we released one more new album with title "Blessed Brigit". This album continues the trend that we started on the album "Lunar Cross". Also in november we released our new video on song " Manifest of Paganism".

E.C:In 2016, Satarial presents "Blessed Brigit" to the public? Are you having the expected return with this album?
Angelika:We do not expect any income from the release of the album. But we hope that this album will like our listeners.

E.C:Manifest of Paganism ", the first track of the album" Blessed Brigit "is an incredible song; it also won an extraordinary video. About the videos of SATARIAL, how is the process of creating the script, photography, performances...
Angelika:Video is based on the confrontation of witchcraft and paganism with christianity. Freedom and nature is opposed to obscurantism of orthodoxy and cruelty of the Christian church. The shooting took place in various ancient pagan temple. We have tried to convey the magical power of these places. In addition, we have shown not only the mystical rites, but also historically true torture of the Inquisition. To this end has been made many instruments of torture on base of the medieval engravings.

E.C:Would you say SATARIAL has already achieved your goals, or is there still much that you would like to do?
Angelika:The purpose of man - this is his limit. And therefore we do not set ourselves goals. We live in harmony with Nature, we fighting for freedom and enjoy when in live playing our music. And ahead will still a lot of pleasant moments and tasks. One of them, for example,  to play concerts in South America.

E.C: In the last five years, Brazil has received several bands from the underground world, and the public for these bands has grown every day. What do you know about our country and have you ever looked for a tour in any South American country?
Angelika: For us is very interesting Brazil, not only Brazil, but the whole South American continent, for us he is  interesting his ancient culture, for us is  interesting to visit the ancient shamanistic places to enjoy the beautiful nature of South America. We know that we have listeners in these countries. And I think that the audience is very emotional and very close to us in spirit. And we would be very pleasure to play concerts in South America.

E.C.: Angelika, I want to thank you for giving us this interview. Satarial was one of the bands that I had the great pleasure to meet, and that's why I wanted this interview, so that more people here in Brazil and in other countries that access our site could have the privilege to know as well. Please leave a message to the Brazilian public that, through this interview, can know a little more about SATARIAL.

Angelika: Thank you very much for interesting questions!
I wish for all your readers will to be free, to live in harmony with nature and to remember that after the winter always comes spring.
Blessed be!

Interview in Portuguese clique aqui

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