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Interview - Grai - Грай (Russia)

EC - How did the idea for formation of the band?
GRAI - The majority of us since the very first rehearsals (and maybe before that) were fond of Slavic culture, music of this style and other aspects of Russian life of old time. Though we don’t live in that district where it can be fashionable but nevertheless, there was a group of  interesting people to create simple and multisemantic music at the same time.

EC  - As the band members meet? All are friends from before the formation of Grai?
GRAI -In principle we didn’t know each other before the band formation. However there were many mutual friends, as our town is not very big (nearly 600 thousand inhabitants). And we managed to find true friends here in the band during a short period of time.

EC  - The band was formerly called "Blood Raven" and "Vorog." Why the change of name for GRAI?
GRAI -To my mind the names “Raven blood” and “Vorog” don’t carry any message. At first, we were just selecting the name most suitable for our music (up to the silliest ones). At that time it differed much of how it sounds now. The name “Vorog” appeared when our music gained folk note in it. Since then many things changed – up to the membership. “Grai” was the last and the definitive name. It was approved almost before the first demo record. Since then we never get off the point and stick to this name.

EC  - In Whom (bands, musicians ...) you were inspired to create GRAI?
GRAI -For some reason before playing in “Grai” I didn’t listen to the bands of this style and limited myself to the simple bands which all the teenage members of the informal groups were listening to. Other members had been inspired with this style long before and tried to play something like that. I was impressed by Gods Tower and SkyClad. Others liked Arkona and Svarga, some liked Pagan Reign e.t.c.

EC  - It's like to perform alongside bands like Alkonost and Arkona? This was important for growth of Grai?
GRAI - Alkonost are our our fellow countrymen and we were acquainted  before sharing the stage. At the stage their performances were always very impressive and that made us learn much. We shared the stage with Arkona long ago – in 2006 – that was at the beginning of our way and for us – the young band – that was a very token meeting - some kind of a locomotive, but naturally we overcame much on our own.

EC - In 2011 the band released the album "The Zemle Rodnoi", which was well received by the public. Do you consider that matured a lot after the album "Polyn - Lock" in 2009?
GRAI - Not matured yet, but comprehended much new in that vast space which’s called music. One can mature during all the life grasping something new every day. But, to be honest, I like both albums – each in it’s own way. The “Sagebrush” is full of lyricism though there’re some themes with round dances and winter worship. “About our Native Land” is more like getting into the words “Native Land”. It makes us comprehend what fills it. Both albums are mutually complementary.

EC  - In South America, increasingly, increase fans of styles such as Folk, Viking, Celtic, Pagan and the like.  How is it for you, who are from Russia, conquer popularity on this side of the world?
GRAI - There, in the southern countries, probably, always was some interest in the culture of Europe, Russia, Scandinavia. That’s also some kind of exoticism. People show interest in everything new – it doesn’t matter if it’s fashionable or not. Many things are popular. Though I’m pleased that people in South America at the other back of beyond like our music.

EC  - Is there any project to tour Latin America?
GRAI - Of course we have such plans, but the eternal question is money)) Everything depends on the concert organizers. We are only to be ready to play our songs, to stir the public, to exert ourselves while the sun shines, to make everything that the listener isn’t sorry for coming to our concert.
Just call us and we’ll do our best to come and to play!;))

EC  - We know that the dream of any band is to reach international markets. What is expected of Grai in this regard?
GRAI - Certainly we wish to reach the financial success at the world folk scene and try to do that. But at the background of the world of commercialized pop - music “grown in a weed” we just can’t go into the good favorable environment. We’ll try our best, of course. I’m sure many people will like our music! The task of primary importance for the band is to make our music and lyrics clear for the listeners if there’re ones (and there’re). If so, it will not be so difficult to overcome the other difficulties.

EC - We thank you for this exclusive interview for the Elegia E canto! leave a message for
those who now are learning more about the band Grai.
GRAI -Thank you very much from our band! Don't betray the ancestors, listen to real music and never lose hopes for the best!!! See you:) GRAI!

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