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Fake Twilight - Letras

Fake Twilight

Wake up and give me your hand
I Will take you to journey

Flyng so high between space
and time
breathing some new fresh air
finding a way to leave
this dark clouds behind
searshing a way
to start to live again

Give me your handa now
I Will Take You Out
Of this Fake Twilight
Please give me your trust now
I will show your trust now
I will show you how forget
this pain and fear

Out of this fake twilight

My Own Fight

When these depest feeling arrive
and visions of future make me dream again
I Feel Like a fool wasting a precious time
When I try to take my mind back in time
when I can see again the other side of life
I thing that what I'm doing is right
or at least I need to believe it is

Now I can say that I'm fighting my own fight
and I know that I will find
what belongs to me, to me

wishes and feelings to deal with alone
fears and doubts to understand
and to face
and I keep on palnting the seeds
of my conquets
trying to stay on my away

I stumbled times I Think it's better to give up
so many times I think it's better to give up
onde I Delt so close to the end
and then I saw what the future was
keeping from me

runnung across the dream,
learning to be patience
buening all the sins, burning inside

Now I can Say that I'm fughting
my own fight and I Know that I will find
what I know that I Will Find
what belong to me
and now I can stay in piece
with my own mind
cause I'm shore that I will find
what belongs to me, to me


Sometimes I find my eyes themselves
Deep dark In the mirror
and It Is so strnage because
behind of my eyes
It Is how if there was another glance
living in my soul

And I stop for a second and face this
Looking for smething there
and In the bottom of my soum
And then I simply and certaly realize:
I know who is there

I Feel your presence in me
I see your face in my face
I see your smile in my smile
I feel your sadness (in my heart)

It's hard to accept
That We had not much time
I was so immature
I did not know what was coming,
what was coming

So I stop for an intant
a million thoughts in my head
and I keep on looking for
The Connectionbetween our souls
and I Know that onde day
I will be going to find you
I'll be going to know you !

They told

Sky wu]ithout sun
I see I run again
Tottaly helpless
clinging to the darkness

Only the electric lights
are my guide
and a long path will be my allied

What have I done?
Where does It come from ?
Can I fear the death?
Even not eing alive?

Only the electric lights
are my guide
and a long path will be my allied

I don't fell guilty
cause I know I'm not worst
than those who can see de sun

only the eletric lights
are my guide
and along path will be my allied

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