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Rosa Ignea - Letras

Alone in Paradise

By the fire near the gates that lead to an unknown place
I intend to find out forgotten helms
The voices that sound with the wind
They show a silence I didn’t know

Lost in time
Building the right way
Lost in time
Alone in my own way

Where the darkness seems to go so close to the light
I struggle to set free the fire
Which was jailed for ages within me
Despite of being in paradise
I still find myself alone

Lost in time…

Guided by my own will I feel in paradise the whole time
Guided by my own will every moment alone in paradise
No more blind beliefs, without illusions
Too much time was wasted

Guided by my own will I feel in paradise the whole time


The dawn shows me the sunshine of a new day
And elevates my soul on the way of her redemption
The stars they help me to calm down a little
In these wonderful evenings of full moon...
Stars from uranium!
Since I gaze at the sky, I see a distance past
On the moon I recognize an ancient shelter
The far mountains symbolize the heavy
cross of holy way
Please my Lord, dont let my heart walk alone
I can feel my brothers pain
Tears of compassion
Have been shed every moment
Due to his affliction
The stars ...
Oh Lord!! I dont want to be a thief of your own treasury!
I dont wanna assail from what that belongs only to you

Silent Universe

If the sky could open itself for me just for a while
And the veil of mysteries of my existence
Could be rotten before my meaningless presence

And if my ears catch the sounds
That come from stars and my eyes contemplate the beauty
Of the small one inside the infinity

If my thoughts were silent just for a while
In order to hear the silence’s voice
And my essence absorbed itself in her real nature

If I could go through the sun
Which always gave light to my inner universe
And was conscious of the greatness of being small


… and the igneous rose of my heart could state the being’s majesty


Ancient Eyes

A strange character gets closer to me
In his huge eyes I see the illusion of time
And the fantasy of the world

From his expression seems to flow a river of mighty beauty
And I feel the wisdom of the centuries

I feel the magic vanishing away to a distant place beyond the river flow

Mysteries of life?
In the ancient eyes

I see all my life in his eyes
That like an oracle seems to show
The right way back to her


I feel the magic…

When Dreams Come True

Since I wish I could fly
To go around and say goodbye
That I like the high places and clouds
Birds singing from trees brought
my cool thoughts out and strong
Backing from death enjoying life wiser
Take off a bullet, say no and survive
Your soul comes out, looking things outside
When dreams come true, you’re beyond yourself
You must remember the danger, they can
lead you to waste
The size of your freedom and the love
you’ve made
The dreams come true beyond yourself
Backing from ...
It’s like being the maker with power in mind
Amazing feelings in hands arise.


Close to me
Inside my mind
I’ll wait for thee

In my eyes
I see the light
That will brake all the rules

So close to me
Beyond the time

May I find the treasures of my soul
Deep inside my heart
May I feel the secrets from eternity

In the night
I’ll find the way
To break the silence
Just my silence
Questions about life
Inside my mind

I see you in the light, I can
Feel you burn my spirit
I hear the deep silence from my soul

Eyes on Firmament*

Part I: Fall of Tears
I wanna feel the fire in my hands
A heart pulsing flaming like the sun
Now I can spread the light of the chosen
The live star that never rests
Let burn in flames my desires
The tears stop therefore we are only one
The reborning comes from inside of those
Who claim to feel their soul in embers
With raw feelings in my chest
I take an endless journey looking
for a lost wisdom

Part II: The Terror
Brave is the man who resists to himself
Who persists and raises his eyes on firmament
Starting battles with his own fears
Subjudging devils praised with tears.

Steps 'tll myself

I’ve left sings along the way
And the voices in songs tell me
That each step I take forward
A part of me will unite

With the force I carry
With the illusion I make
I long for some kind of peace
To go on calm and patient

Inside me a rose grows
So deep striking my soul
Such strange hope it carries
Therefore it only wants me to not cut it off

Thrilled by a mysterious melody
I cross the bridges of a thought

Who knows I can set
My spirit free from this false agony
And you can listen to my voice
On the lost verse of some song

Thrilled by…

So exciting the discovery is
I have traveled through so many ways
Maybe I truly don’t have a home
But it’s good to know I’m shelter

Frail Innocence

Where are your live eyes?
Was the hope fully lost in innocence?
With a smile full of dreams I remember that child
So wonderful is the childish heart
His sleep is calm and sweet
Oh… I want replenish
What’s in me to reborn inside you
Oh my sweet and pure soul
I’ll have it again with me
With faith I make promises and sacrifices
In order to get my heart calm
Where that frail child might be?
With the angels he flies

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