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Amaranthine Trampler - Letras

The Clouds Part For Endless Grief

After the rain has gone and the clouds part
The first rays of light mark a fresh start
But I miss the gloom, and the dark solitude
In my blacked-out room, I brood
The sky is crying it's heart out
Endless skies, endless grief
The clouds paint pictures in grey
Great displeasures art mine
Oh, black beauty, tear off my ears
Your incessant boom brings forth memories

Autumn Is Dying - Winter Is Dead

Divine in our guilt, we wilt like flowers growing from poisoned landscapes
Our hearts never blameless in their vomitory fixations
Dressed in umbilical kisses, born from new patterns of thought
This new emotion whisks us away into heaven, into our chosen misery
All dreadful doom come unto me
I am ready and willing, I long to be free
From lovelorn conviction and voracious contempt
From the self-indulgent stench of all earthly wishes
I have so much to give, my crown can hold no more grief
I ache to coil my celestial passions around the bosom of divinity
Complexion in a face's sky tell me that my ardent inside will never see the light
The autumn leaves beneath my feet tell me that life's long journey will soon come to an end

Rot In Loneliness Forever

Diving through clouds
To get to the forbidden place where ecstacy reigns
The ground is more solid beneath my feet
As the colour of love flows from my shattered teeth
Retching in harmony
I will lay and stare at the sky because that never hurt me
The lightning struck once but I forgave it, as it did me a favour
Just a name carved into stone; I need no one - Alone
No soft words did I ever speak
I spat forth the truth, but your ears were weak
Spread me on the ground and I will watch your stupidity with fascination
You're not an x-ray machine
Because if you were we could both lay together serene
But the shell of the ghost is what pulls you in
I hope it carries you down into a deep pit of regret
Hearts weren't devised for inferior beings
Love is the cancer of this planet
Under the sun - Never see the light of day
Blind, weak - I hear both in your voice as you speak
Close your eyes, open your legs and reality will go away
Echoes of urges will fester in my mind forever

The Box

Your existence is mine to thank
For every sincere emotion I know
And your apathy makes it all the more gripping
The four walls of aspiration have closed in
My movement has been limited
I can no longer close my eyes
Once in a while you come and feed me
Through the slats
You let the light in
You gave me some cerulean pictures of yourself
I resisted the desire to cut my wrists with the sharp edges
Strange how I should find it such a struggle
After all, you gave me plenty of preperation
I often dream of escape
To find you in the physical world
But then I envisage you smothered in humanity
And I swallow the proverbial key

A Celebration Of Life

Three foot hole in my heart
I stand at the gate of an unmarked tomb
Infanticidal dorsal wishes
Amputate myself from everything rapturous
The mirage of affections weave in my mind
A long deep slice as a celebration of life
I remove my organs but I still crave the taste of bittersweet epidermis
Semi-self-imposed suffering
The misery and desolation of my paradox reality

Crossing The River And Onward

Pass the fallen tapestries, like many before
Navigate the ruins of a fallen world
Break bread with those who broke you
Seek beauty in whores
The land you seek is far from here
Just follow the path
Pass the fallen victims of destinies past
In silent romanticism
Trample the daisies
Leave your nameless mark
The land you seek is far from here
Just follow the path
Everyone you've loved are corpses under the grass
Everything you've known is water under the bridge
Onward evermore...

Opaline Waterfalls

By the stars we will travel
Our goal is golden
Poseidon will be our judge
The sea our jury
On wings of cloth we drift on seas of infinite discovery
We seek something glorious to call our own
Life cascades from our souls in waterfalls of opaline

Behold Mist-Laden Landscapes

As youthful ignorance is consumed in our wake
The winds pounding against us gather strength
Darkness seems to descend
And many a frightened man feels his spirit desert him
As it dawns on man that his hope is unfounded
That his future is a great darkness
Fate calls his name; for he controls not his own prosperity or his own misery
The wind whispers unto me great stories of tragedy
The horizon becomes an enigma
Behold mist-laden landscapes
The journey ahead may be a perilous one
But there is no turning back

Bidding Farewell

Farewell to youthful innocence
The last ray of light passes over me
I am freed from the chains forced upon me by a sleeping society
Misery is freedom
Yet I cry
As I sail into a lonesome darkness feared by many, yet treasured by some
I am unaware that I am entering the first stages of a great enlightenment which must crush my soul before it can awaken it
Doomed to see salvation
Oh, how great a contradiction my life is to become
This journey has just begun

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