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Entrevista - Theatre Des Vampires (Itália)

EC – Hello to all my friends of the band Theatres Des Vampires...Hope everything is ok with you! Let’s get start with the question…We all know you use a lot of Vampirisms Lyrics, and we also know you sounds really like this…then, that makes me remember another band, CRADLE OF FILTH…You are newer than them, so I suppose that you maybe got influenced by them? We can see that you sound a little bit more different, but this style was ‘’created’’ by them, so?
FABIAN - Well actually I really don’t think Theatres des Vampires are similar to Cradle of Filth..
Maybe in the past, and when I say past I mean 15 years ago, there was some similarity between the two bands..
I can also say, that we are not “newer” then COF..
Their first album was released in 1994, when we released our first Demo, so our career was “parallel” from the beginning..
Anyway honestly If I start looking at the production of our band from 2002 to today there is nothing similar to us..
We are totally different..
And the difference is much more bigger from 2004 when we had just Sonya Scarlet at the vocals..
So we are saying that in the last 10 years, there is no similitude..
In the early beginning probably you can find something (expecially because the vocal style of COF singer and our EX singer was similar)… but today nobody can tell that there is similitude between us and them.
So No, OUR style was not created by them.
A lots of band all around the world today take inspiration from OUR kind of Vampiric Gothic Metal.. and for sure I have no to thanks at all COF for this.

EC Since Lord Vampyr parted ways with the band it took 7 years to now, and 3 albums were released…when he left the band I see that wasn’t that hard to you adapt the band without him, fast you got a new album and that sounds very nice…
FABIAN - Well for sure Lord Vampyr was an important member of the band.. but you have to know that the  main composer of the band remain the same.. Me, Zimon and Gabriel, we always made a lots of composition work from 1997.. so was not difficult compose new good songs..
We have also to say that Sonya Scarlet was really popular between our fans even when was just a vocalist.. So when LV left leaving just Scarlet at the vocals a lots of fans loved that.
It’s not a secret that we start to be much more popular in 2004, when Scarlet remain the lead vocals of the band..  and the result is that Moonlight Waltz, our last album had the biggest selling of our career!!
We are really proud of that!

EC – Are you also inspired by novells to write lyrics just like Dani Filth do over his COF band!? From which place you get inspiration to write such vampirisms lyric…?
FABIAN - As far I understand you are a great fan of COF!!! :D
Anyway, YES as Dani Filth (and other hundreds of artist all around the world) we often take inspiration by novells.
Novalis, Baudelaire, Le Fanu, Blake..it’s just a small list of the authors of novels that give us strong inspiration for our lyrics

EC - The song “Enthrone The Dark Angel” sounds very amazing, but I can see that children chants were used in this song, was that hard to work with children or is that just keyboards or something like that to use in the recording?
FABIAN - Ehehe.. :D it’s a long time that somebody doesn’t ask me about Enthrone the dark angel! 
It’s a VERY old song of us.. around 10 year old..
The child vocals line for that song was made by us, and reworked with a sampler…
Instead for our last album “Moonlight Waltz”, in the intro of the song Keeper of Secret you can listen  a REAL voice of child in the beginning.. It’s made by Sophia, the daughter of my girlfriend.. A 6 year old child.
Was very funny work with her, because was very scared by all of us!!! Expecially by Sonya Scarlet, because she believe she is a real vampire countess ;-)

EC – 3 years took since the recording of Anima Noir, and now we had Moonlight Waltz which hit the stores this year…why it took so long? Any problem during the album composition or personal reasons or it took 3 years because it had to?
FABIAN - Well actually it’s just 2 years.. Anima Noir was released in 2010 and Moonlight Waltz was ready in September 2010..Was released in January 2011 just for marketing reasons.
Well the main reason we spent 2 years making this album is why we would compose our best album ever..
Meanwhile we made also so tour of East Europe and Russia.. so at the end we prefer to spend the right time to make the right work.

EC– What was the most important moment to the band in the entire band career?
FABIAN - There is not just a single moment.. Our band toured a lot in this yeasr, made a lots of albums.. we lived a lots of incredible moment, sometimes sad, sometimes epic..
All of this is inside the lyrics and the music of our works.. and you can listen it album by album..

EC – Sonya Scarlet is an amazing vocalist. We can see that she just fit perfectly to the band, have you ever imagined getting such wonderful female vocalist as far as you know in the band?
FABIAN - Well I’m really proud to have Sonya Scarlet in our band..
Some magazine in Europe said that she is one of the most influential woman in the modern Gothic Metal.. so I could be just proud of her..
She is like a sister for us.. she is a great vocalist and a great leader.. She has an incredible level of culture.. she speaks fluently 3 languages, she has a master degree in visual arts and design.. She is a great person, so I think she deserve all the success she is having at the moment!

EC – We can see that nowadays Italy just is becoming a place where good gothic metal bands are growing up. Your country also was known by a cradle of good Power Metal bands…Do you think that actually Italy has the own power to ‘’challenge’’ north European bands that are really hard to be ‘’beaten’’? When I say beaten it is just because most of people wherever they are always see north European bands just like kings/queens of metal, (black, and doom, gothic) and forget that Latin-American bands from Europe also get their talents around…
FABIAN - Well today Theatres des Vampires are considered one of the best act of European Gothic Metal, and we have also to name band like Lacuna Coil, that it’s one of the most famous Gothic Metal band in the world.. and they are Italians too!!
So I think that in some way we already challenged the North European bands, and in some way we are not far away to beat them!!

EC – So far so good, time for a message to Brazilians fans that are wondering why you never hit the Brazil with concerts…
FABIAN - Well, we have a LOTS Of loyal fans all over Brazil..
Actually It’s not true that we never hit Brazil for concerts!
We played in San Paulo in 2007!!!
You can even see some video on you tube about this concert:
Not only we have an OFFICIAL cover band of Theatres des Vampires in BRAZIL!!! The name of this band is Oculto and they have evan their official page at:
Give a look to them, they deserve it!
So we know that the Brazilina fans are THE BEST in the world, and deserve for sure our coming back.
At the moment we are concentrating promoting the new album in Europe, East Europe and Russia, but FOR sure for the end of 2011 or early 2012 we will come back in South and Central america, so Brazil is in our future plan!

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