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Aperion - Letras

Your eyes, your blue eyes

Many stories they have seen

My eyes, my blue eyes
Empty Ocean they could fill

I send my dove to find faith
Years went by
Wish I knew how
To lose myself in a peaceful sky

The sky – it burns

It yearns like you
But strength you see
It feeds your doubt

Your eyes, your blue eyes
Strike of light is all they need

The flames in your heart
Keep hope from the dark
The rainfall you feel
All burns will heal


Sleeping, sorrow
Hold me back to regret my past
Just want to break free
One step, one thought
Subconscious voice of reality
My mind telling me

I`m tearing my soul into two, not now
Like an angel, I’ll fall into

Shine my way
As light knows my name
As time feels the same
And mind fades away
Try to stray
But the vision` too bright
I`m not waiting for you
To bring me back to life
Raising my arms into freedom
Emptying my mind from the fear
I`m taking my life as it is
Right now

Shine my way
As light knows my name
As time feals the same
And mind fades away
Try to stray
But the vision` too bright
I`m not waiting for you
To bring me back

This feeling no longer the same
My mind just fly
On path for freedom
Which always circles your mind
Still waiting for you
To challenge my own pride

Fading away from the sorrow
I see the light shine in me
I`m painting a new world today
Right now


Gajah vasati va nayati ca aparagah anvita
Dura va la dija vanam
Kathita mavalo kitaya ksanah
Samedeleah, phagavanatah

Janah ca va madiya
Ca na va alam ksenerada
Prayanatah devah ca vismara nativa
Nagram, mitram vanam
Vatsa tadeste te svairam

Padah, margah, ksentram, jalam
Asti bavati
Atra duna

Devah, sijah, itah, api
Asti bavati
Atra duna



Sky opens wide – after life – paradise
Waters of earth – covered with flames
Time is burned

You start to see it – what we`ve become
Careless creatures
Hiding in the dark from sun

When we`ll see it
We`re disappearing
New lies cover our eyes

Deep inside – I know we still can find
We`re all divine
The mind must now awake
Forget the lost mistake
The one we should not make

If thunder strikes
And flaming raindrops
Are falling from the sky
The rain will never dry

Blood competitions
And careless decisions
By praising this nonsense
Our soul slowly dies

Light – from heaven – do we deserve
Light – to follow – and to preserve
Light – from heaven – away from things
Light – fallow – we lose our wings


Believe the thoughts and words ment for you
No more hiding from yourself
Even the past ignites something new
But for you

No pain means no love

Turn away from disguise
Don`t let the world full you again
Know who you are before someone else
Tells you to be
What they want to see

Now, who`s to blame
I know we`ll stay the same
When I change your name

Don`t lose yourself in lies
Accept all that exists

Turn away from disguise
Forever ever
Let us be


When the night falls down on me
Endless story`s like the sky you see
I try to find
A way to ease my mind

And all the thoughts day capture
They seem to clear up in the dark
And all the fights caused fracture
But you won`t hear my cry

`Cause I wish I knew the right words for you
And I wish I could set stars to guide you through
But there are things, things I just can`t do
How this story ends – don`t know

But wind won`t take my dreams away
This fairytale won`t leave my mind
Even though I find no words to say
I have no strength to fight
But I’ll stay

Now take my hand
Forever I’ll stay by your side

In dreams we`re flying right through the open sky
In the moonlit, horizon
The seas, so bright

No matter what
No matter what day seize
All I can give you is a kiss

8- Black Flies

Fighting, restless, for some freedom
Dream is endless, mind full, collision

Where now, don`t know, it`s vague vision
Don`t let others make your decision

Force of life within you leads the way
New tomorrow feeds bleak yesterday
Standing still now breads the mole inside
These heavy wings just won’t let you fly
Lost and week can`t find the love you seek
So now it`s time to change!

Believe in your own wisdom
It heals you, brings you freedom
Don`t be so slow in action
Don`t hesitate to question
Be peaceful and courageous
Be humble and contagious
Life is in fact a pleasure
Your question has an answer

Morning, sunrise, saves all, clear skies
Now it`s time to, drop all, true lies
Fly now, take off, fly now, time is now!

9 - The Truth
Here lies an ancient memory
Uncovered, hidden from your sight
Treasures – one day they all be yours
You carry them in your soul
Not knowing you`re in control

In these mind there is a pile of gold
It`s buried for you by the road, along the way
Never be afraid, any time is well
Believe if you want – release your shell

Now when you rise, lies you have received
Never fail to leave a void inside your heart
Filthy of dust and rain
Don`t hesitate to rise again

Dreaming of seeing through yourself
Letting go of fear
As nothing becomes everything

Seeing before you go blind
Before everything becomes a lie
Before the truth is something you deny

Everything you touch
Everything you see
Leaves the wave in frame of history
Behind the fading mind
Hide true lies of our kind

Denial never feasts
Ignores the roaring beasts
Only open mind
Will find the way to be

Nothing in everything
Let true lies break free

10- FE+

11- Dajte

Sonce vzide nad zemljo
Zarja skrije nam temo
Prvi žarek hlad lovi
Dečka v postelji zbudi

Dvigne glavo – odpre oči
Stopi na ulico – odreveni

Oči ga gledajo, ne ve
Od kod so ti ljudje
Zakrije si obraz

Sredi polja sanj leži
Išče zlati klas, ki vse spremeni
Dvigne glavo zakriči
Dajte, poglejte, saj ta klas zori!

12 - The Concept

The seed lies underground
Waiting to rise
It`s time for something new
Break down, break down your wall

Find calm place now
Make weak stem grow
Dark shade – blind eyes
Dry land – your cries


Only this time
You have one life
One solution
Use it wisely now

In silence – uncover – the truth – closer
And sun light – shows the way
You`ll find safe home

The seed lies underground
Waiting to rise
It`s time for something new
Break down, break down your wall

Free from the insane world
Welcome, welcome back home

13- Ü
Rosi el lano kori
Sentru el man alori
El senti lontare sumka
El senti lontare sum kami

Olsan kere pentudu
Salvon de pana sondile
Contribile dela sanpju

El elimano Torke monti rai
Es toke panasu
Latero venita
Es toke panasu
Latero venita

Rotila minonti sempregato si
Ramozila tomi desame
Rosi lame kona estori
El lino kero es emulijano,

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