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Iluminato - Letras

 Helm of Blindness

Helm of Blindness

My soul is blind
And I was deceived by the time
How could I lose the control of my life to my own thoughts?

Your spirit is trapped
By your own addictive thoughts
Rescue him from this mental hell
Pulling out the life from its real source 

Those foolish thoughts blind my eyes
Now I can see the holy truth
Because your love consumed all that I am

Don't fool yourself
By confounding love
With a morbid dependence
To truly love you must leave the mind behind
To become a being free from your sins

The sins I quote are your internal ghosts
In which you believed like a naive child
(The sins you quote are my internal ghosts
In which I believed like a naive child)

Your words released me from the tricks of my mind
Now I behold the true grace of life

Now my spirit is free
He can fly away
Then I see the world in its true form

I don’t want to take your hand
I don’t want to jail you
Your freedom is what I desire

Your spirit can flow through
The seas of his creation
This purest form of being
Will create the world that you wanted to see


With our minds addicted to globalization
We lost our pure nature
And we entertain ourselves to the point
Of becoming thoughtless slaves of this circus world

I don’t know how to face the world
If I don’t know its face
But I’ll content myself with my own world

All their broadcasts are blinding my eyes
They control all of the truth
To feed their endless lies

Listen to your deepest voice
Screaming to be free to build a free world

Free my soul
Of remaining trapped
In this rotten passage
To oblivion

This is the last chance for you to fly!

My wings are now hardened
By the mould of this world
But I can’t let go of this flight
I’ll built it again with the strength of wisdom
And I’ll fly to my home 

Betrayed Soul

Wash away my sorrow
Leading the life that I forced myself to breathe
And now the voices are in silence
Then I can hear my wishing thoughts again

Free my wings
Free my soul

How cold can the taste of life be in this hall of shame?
With me you’ll never see your light burn

Now I can see your face

Shedding all the tears of the lost values inside my senseless life 
Every single thought of dignity became my reborn soul again

Free my wings
Free my soul

How bright can the dark be with this candle flame in you?
Look me and drop your burning hope

Now you can see my face

God knows how your soul will return now
There’s no regret without some pain

Leave your thoughts aside with agony
Giving our destiny
The shades of God will never be
The shield of your regrets from this nightmare

Now you are free
To run from me

Goodbye, my old God, my enemy, my friend
It’s time to leave you; I now know who you are
My soul will rest in peace and go to where I should now be

Good bye…

Howard Beale

Howard Beale:
What is finished it`s the individual that`s finished
It`s the single, solitary human being that`s finished
It`s every single one of you out there that`s finished

Because this is no longer a nation of independent individuals
The whole world is decoming humanoid - creatures that look human but aren`t

So if you want the truth, go to your gurus, go to yourselves
Because that`s the only place you`re ever going to find any real truth
Because, man, you`re neve going to get any truth from us

We deal in illusions man none of it is true
But you people sit there day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds

In God`s name, your people are the real thing!
We are the illusion!

Imperial Heart

I know your thoughts about your guilt
Please let me see your wounds
I know that’s more than you can believe
So show your heart to me

It’s an endless torment
I need to believe we can be saved some day
From this hell we dug

Saved from ourselves

Hear the devil’s angels
Whispering those cursed words again
Cursing us to be the forsaken of our God

The devil’s angel is our faith
Taking our light away
Believing in lies we’ll fall down
Into our sickness way

Life was once so hopeful
But we killed it with our hands
I cannot face this hell we live in
Can we be forgiven?

Face the death of your God
He can’t release your soul from your own hell
Then save yourself from you

How dare you say that my God is dead?
I always waited for him as a forgotten daughter

And all those lies that they told me
Are versions of a distorted dream

Oh, no! They cannot see
This life with blood and cruelty
Take that… That is my heart
The real true god of life and dignity

This heart is the abode of our soul
And in both of us
He can’t die
He’s our guide and our love
It’s our master
It’s you


We were born with the tools to see
But the dogmas have blinded us
Following standards and fully controlled
Our conscience was buried
Now it's time to find our way back home

Through culture and religion
Our minds have atrophied
Adapting to this sick way of life
Our lives have been meaningless
But I'm returning home
Now I can take your hand

Inside my dream
You became my savior
And we were weak
But through our Self
We save our souls

I cannot free you from this chaotic way of life
But I can free your true Self
You can live by the laws of nature
And be a new kind of enlightened being

All those Gods that repressed us
Never existed and I realize
That I was always by myself

I can walk
By me
With my life without this God

Diana Christensen

Frank Hackett:
Mr. Jensen was unhappy at the idea of taking Howard Beale off the air
Mr. Jensen thinks Howard Beale is bringing a very important message to the American people
He wants Howard Beale on the air, and he wants him kept on
I would describe his position on this as inflexible
Where does that put us, Diana?

Diana Christensen:
That puts us in the shithouse, that`s where that puts us


Intense fire!
Will I be sacrificed in this chaos?
We need to be saved from this Hell we are in
In the sky
In the stars

I am your awakening God
I want to set you free
From this cold winter you trapped yourself
Lightning your hidden flame
You are trying to exile
All of your fears inside
So if you want to be free
Listen to me

In all this time
That I’ve been questioning your existence here
You have not appeared to show your compassion
So are these the means to show us the way?
How can I see the truth by myself?
And where were you in all this time that I was in dark?
I want you to hear my screams
My screams for stop

You will only understand me
When you know your Self
Leaving behind the reality that they sell to you
And watching it on your own

And so, and, and so…
Will I ever be the chosen one?
If I believe in this fake Christ
Will I never reach this far sky?

The sky is inside you
And you are free from
All those lies they told you to believe
To be less than an immortal being

Howard Beale:
I don’t want you to protest I don’t want you to riot
I don’t want you to write to your congressman because I won’t know what to tell you to write
I don’t know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime on the streets
All I know is that first you’ve got to get mad!
You’ve got to say “I’m a human being, god damn it! My life has value!”

The Last Road

Now it's time to do your last ride
And I will be your guard and your guide
Through the true road in this fake world

Reborn in Heaven
Or burn in Hell
Then you can be free from your sins

Far away from the valley of pain
There is no guilt and no shame
Now light fulfills my soul
I became a sun through you

Now it's time to do my last ride
And you will be my guard and my guide
Through the true road in this real world

Reborn in Heaven
And not in Hell
Now I can be free from my sins

My Astral Home

See? My life is not here
(If you could see)
My real home

Peace in our mind
Wisdom   in our heart

(We will be free)
To be one Soul

(This vessel body)
Is not your Self

(And our Soul)
Knew it all the time

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